• Born in 1941, from a jeweler family, Joseph became from early age very familiar with the work of precious metals, drawing and jewelry creation. In 1956, he began to paint, carve, modeling and molding plasters used for commercial purposes , advertising and serial productions. 1961, he started as a decorator, painting frescoes for private individuals and companies, focusing at the time, and more figurative work. In 1964, in a search for an understanding the "morphology of the living", he first started to study natural sciences and biology at the univeristy of science in Paris. then In 1971, in same movement, he started to focus on the anatomy of the Human body pursuing his studies at the faculty of medicine while continuing his pictoral and artistic developpments and research work. In 1980. he also grew interests in balck and white photography, side by side with his Oils on cannevas paintings, and finally turned his work to pure abstract art. In 2003 he also started to produce important work on large-sized stained glasses for serval places of worship in France . Today he tirelessly pursues his research on color and forms.
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