• Martin Augustín, the painter, graphic artist, drawer and book illustrator, was born in Bratislava, Slovakia. He graduated from the influential Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague. During his studies he participated in a study program in Luzern and in 1995 he was internationally acknowledged for the first time when he won the special prize at the Biennale of Illustration in Tehran. In the following years his international reputation grew with his participation in 70 collective and 40 solo exhibitions in important art centers (Prague, Vienna, Antwerp, Hague, Paris, Mexico City, New York and others). His works can be found in many galleries and private collections. Currently is Martin art director of the International cultural project Textile Art of Today. He lives and works in Bratislava. Martin creates works of art that both calm and provoke. His artworks are full of harmony; the balance between the physical and the spiritual, the color and the live, the expressed and the intimated. It is something mystical yet intimately close. One can feel the light nostalgia and the imaginative depth of color. Martin is a true hunter of dreams and he weaves these dreams into pictures.
  • In my artwork, I concentrate mostly on female body. I try to capture it's secrets , that are so exploratory and inspiring for us, men. I mostly work on Japanese paper, that is see through and perforated. This material gives me the opportunity to express the fragility of female soul, yet it's courage , joy, sadness and memories...
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    You are beautiful desert

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    Lady in white

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