• Ursula Schregel, an emergent german talent, started painting at the end of 2014 and attended classes with the german painter Bernard Lokai (Gerhard Richter's student master class). In the mean times she exposed in Germany, Belgium, France and Spain. She studied history of art and theory of drama and also graduated as a interior designer. For many years she worked as a theatre dramaturge and a radio played it or for the german public broadcasting. She lives in Germany near Cologne and in France near Le Touquet-Paris-Plage. Mostly she paints in acrylic and experiments with mixing techniques. She works with overpainting, application and ablation of strong colours. „We are in a colour explosion. A miracolus play offloating colour surfaces, a fine musical fabric. Counterpoints arise, they use the working model collage in a quite subtle manner, because the concealed lies behindit in many coats of paint. It is hardly to believe, that Ursula Schregel started painting only 3 yearsago“ (Dr. Dorothea Eimert, Art historian and curator). Her pictures are informal compositions and chance and intuition becomes the impulse generator. Sometimes, she is reacting unconsciously like a seismograph to what happens around her in the world. Titles are created of ten with a temporal distance, when the picture suddendly re-opens up to her. Some of them like La victoire du coq (2017) can be interpreted in the context of the french presidential elections as well as Black Dollar Trump et Day“ (2017) in the context of the american presidential elections of Donald Trump. Kalt-Front (2017) plays with a double meaning, the meteorological term and front in the sense of battle line in a worldfull of political conflicts. Das Boot ist leer (2015) make a reference to the refuge crisis.
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    Zum Greifen nahe

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    Purple rain

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    Black Dollar TRUMPet day

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    Sans Titre (Untitled)

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    Tryptichon 2

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    Sans Titre (Untitled)

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