• She’s a French Contempory Painter, who lives near Paris. She belongs to the Art Society of Hurepoix (Ile de France). Her paintings are in Art Contempory Exhibitions many times a year in France and also in Germany (2013-2014), in China (2017-2018), in Spain (2018). Impassioned by the drawing and the color as of her more young age, after many years of teaching, she devotes her time to the painting which she practices since 1992 (Etampes Art School) and to the photography of the nature or landscapes. After having practiced many different technical arts , MBL specialized in oil-base paint. Her prefered subjects are portraits, music and dance, landscapes for the figurative art one. For a few years she has launched out also in the abstract Art and the realization of series sets of themes as “West Side Story dance” with Fred Astair, Gene Kelly, Jerry Lewis) and “Broken lives” : David Bowie, Amy Whinehouse, George Mickaël, Marilyn Monroe….) in oil-base paint and acrylic resin. She’s also a “global sketcher” who makes since 2014 many sketchbooks of her travels with inks and water paintings. Her painting ‘’Fire’s Bird” was inspired by the popular East legend, the Igor Stravinsky Dance show and by the famous French dance Choregraph “Maurice Béjart”.
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    Gene and Gerry

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    Gen Kelly “Dancing with a chair”

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    Silvery Gull

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    Dans la mosquée Rustem Pacha

    USD 850 / USD 0

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