• Alice Morelli is a film maker and photographer with a unique vision of the world. What started as curiosity for her father’s analogue photography quickly developed into a passion for capturing images and making short movies with her friends. It soon became clear that she had a certain knack for her hobby, and as her experience grew, her own style began to emerge, like a mirage over a lake as the twilight hour ascended from the horizon. Morelli’s fascination with all things surreal and exciting led her on global adventures to capture the worlds of fashion, art and music at their most unusual, intriguing and spectacular. Whilst she has documented some of the biggest names in modern music - among them Adele, the Flaming Lips, and Queen Adrena - her passion for capturing the essence of rock and roll has led her to seek out and follow unsigned bands across Europe. Her work vividly documents the many sweaty rooms which these bands animate, electrify and finally sleep in along the way. Her many talents in creating probing and revealing images spilled over into experiments with music videos. Her most recent projects have been a distinctive fusion of fashion and art. Alice creates her own sets, outfits and scenarios to bring her subjects to life in exquisite stills. With images featured in such publications as Elle, there is never a shortage of models keen to work with her, all finding themselves intrigued by her singular vision of the world.
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    Would you dance with me? III

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    Would you dance with me? I

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    Would you dance with me? II

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