• Camille Eveillard is a young artist photographer whose work is described as quite unusual by some of her peers. Very early, she knew that she would evolve in the artistic environment. After a brief experience in the theater, she turns to video to naturally arrive at the photo at the age of 16 years. Her photographic creations are the fruit of a passion for capturing time through the image, capturing the moment, and as long as she is indestructible like digital, she touches on immortality. But the photographic image is not enough, Camille Eveillard wants to go further in her artistic career: For her, the brushes and the hand are the keyboard that orders the algorithms to begin to model to the extreme, the digital material, to transcend reality. In her, the notes of music mix, as and when the deformations she creates, going from acute rectilinear and provocative, to the serious and sensual curve. Its goal is the culmination of the matrix of the original image: its DNA, its simplicity and its beauty. This is the singularity of his artistic creation and his reason for being. Through her creations of Digital Art, Camille Eveillard humbly invites the free observer to resonate with the melody of features, curves, and let his imagination invade him with emotions and sensations in this new temporal sound dimension.
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