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Sylvie Schambill

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Essence Féminine

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Scène de Plage
Louise Bressange

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La Vieille Rue
Louise Bressange

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Sitting Bull Native American
Eric Wetter

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Jungle tree
Lucien Mélou

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Monique Bertina

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Corpo di duna
Anne Marie Delaby

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Traverse Sauvage
Christine Pultz

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Chic and Cool
Pablo Caviedes

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Wonderlandia (Diptych),
Valencia Sandra Mack

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Homme Kanak
Valencia Sandra Mack

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La Monarde
Michel Marant

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Les Péruviennes
Abraham Dayan

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La Normande
Abraham Dayan

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Bimbolandia II
Hermann Mejía

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Son Of A Man
Amir Kerr

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Unica y solitaria

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Irène Darget-Bastien

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L’Œuvre au Noir
Anne Marie Delaby

USD 4,600

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