• Self-taught, he began painting as a street performer intervening Miami’s walls, especially in Wynwood District. In 2013, he was part of Arte del Barrio, a project organized by the artist and anthropologist Aimee Ortiz who gathered a dozen Miami-based artists in order to promote local art. From this interaction, his work begins to stand with a boom in the commercial art circuit but always involved in intervention projects in the city, supported by government institutions and private companies. "Franks Ugly Art", as he self-called his work, is the result of a young artist committed to his hard reality, childlike imagination and restless personality. Based on his personal experience and seeking inspiration in the cities where he grew up, he conceives pieces where the naïf treatment of his compositions sharply contrasts with the deep content of his reflections. So, his main interest is to put all his vast imagination and creative urge, in order to show the imaginary of the "street" society and culture, usually hidden at first glance.
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    Chris Bishop I

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    Have you seen the movie "Kids"

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    2014 NBA Finals

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    Jordans & a gold chain

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    3 soldiers

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