• Her encounter with art, aims to have her own look reflected in his painting. "Each painting has its own history, its unique time and a mysterious space." Their colors and strokes are evidence of the depth of light encounters. Each image, even being abstract, is a vision of the emotions that provides countless trips to the infinite imagination in which each one can interpret in the most free and authentic way. From different perspectives and simultaneous images, it is possible to find in a blink of an eye, a revelation of feelings that experience the pleasure of the work. An example of the above is the presence of silence, where apparently nothing happens, solitary characters are present enigmatically, thematic and technique make silence the starting point, where the outside speaks of waiting, when the Internal speaks of presence, of being, of being a witness ... .. silently !!! Her work has been exhibited in several individual and collective exhibitions he has done both in Mexico and abroad.
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    Subsuelo que emerge

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