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Josette Dubost

USD 550

Untitled 1982
Oswaldo Vigas

USD 25,000

Ignacio Iturria

USD 24,000

Fleshy Stars
Pablo Contrisciani

USD 7,500

Septième ciel
Martine Toufet

USD 14,150

Jour d\'orage
Audrey Margeridon

USD 2,800

Horizon perdu
Francis Moreau

USD 1,760

Suite Miami B#1
Sergio Lucena

USD 3,300

Magdaly Montenegro

USD 2,200

Untitled from the Paisaje Sublime Series
Pedro Avila Gendis

USD 6,000

Berershit II
Pedro Avila Gendis

USD 8,100

Danza de Fuego
José Luis Bustamante

USD 20,000

Ruptura en blanco y negro
Angel Alfonso Castillo

USD 800

Nuits blanches n°16
Annick Antoine

USD 2,120

Duo noire et rouge 2
Annick Antoine

USD 1,250

Carlos Catasse

USD 6,000

N°2018 L\'Homme de l\'Ombre
Carlos Catasse

USD 1,700

Suite Miami A#!
Sergio Lucena

USD 3,000

Tryptichon 2
Ursula Schregel

USD 4,800

Armando Morales Riveron

USD 6,000

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