• Mariana paints since she was a child. During her childhood she saw both of her grandmothers doing embroidery. Mariana also delves into Chinese embroidery and Nanduti, a Guarani embroidery technique. But surprisingly, her conscience awakes in a cotillion house while seeking party novelties to prepare the birthday of her daughter. From then on she remains faithful to the technique of collage, which she discovered as inherent to her. She studied at diverse drawing, painting, engraving and ceramics workshops (1983-1993) and attended art history lessons at AMMBA and UBA. She also attended art work analysis sessions coordinated by curator and artist Grace Bayala. At present, she is attending Juan Doffo´s workshop. From August 2012 to August 2013, she worked in the creative team for the design of Art Attack fair for Disney. Mariana has participated in group and solo exhibitions in art spaces, fairs and cultural centers.
  • "I like playing with the apparent, with what seems to be true but isn't definite”.
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    Supernatural XVIII

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    Supernatural VII

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    Supernatural VI

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