• Born 1973 Lives and works in Blacksburg, Virginia Eric Standley received his B.F.A. from the Massachusetts College of Art and his M.F.A. from Savannah College of Art and Design. He is an Associate Professor of Studio Art and the Foundations of Art and Design Coordinator for the School of Visual Arts at Virginia Tech. He sleeps on rare occasions and dreams that with hard work and concentration he might one day become a modernist. He holds allegiance to a faith of his own construction, which is reinvented on a daily basis. “Artist Eric Standley creates paper sculptures that live where technology, art history, and mathematics meet. Rich and detailed, they evoke images of Gothic rose windows and Islamic architecture. But, Standley has moved beyond traditional ornamentation as each sculpture becomes more complex than the last. The artist begins with comprehensive vector drawings. He explores the impact of color, shape and geometry within a three dimensional space. With great care, Standley layers and stack the paper to create the final work. The results invite intense examination and contemplation.” - Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art “Eric Standley works with hundreds of layers of colored paper creating intricate laser cut stain glass windows. These beautifully constructed works are made up of interlacing positive and negative spaces that seem to “float” in a fabricated suspension. He begins with a drawing, this helps him create the complex range of imagery needed to make a workable design, before cutting and assembling the paper pieces. Standley’s windows are similar in complexity to that of traditional stained glass, and bring to mind the beautiful Northern Rose window of the medieval Chartres Cathedral in France.” - Hi-fructose Magazine
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    Either/Or Epsilon Orionis

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    Either/Or Circle 9.5.1

    USD 3,500 / USD 0

    Either/Or Circle 3.1.1

    USD 1,650 / USD 0

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