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Voyage à l\'empeur
Audrey Margeridon

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Subsuelo que emerge
Renee Farca

USD 2,400

Soir tranquille
Josette Dubost

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Blue No. 1
Miriam Cabessa

USD 26,000

Subconscious N0131.16
Daniel Díaz-Tai

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Escritura negra con tacos negro y plata. Serie Tepuy.
Jesus Soto

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Caroline Farys

USD 3,260

Subconscious N0133.16
Daniel Díaz-Tai

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Blue Painted Blue
Consuelo Pillot

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Ondolindë VI
Elodie Dollat

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Martine Toufet

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Untitled 1982
Oswaldo Vigas

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Searching in the Field of Light III
Sergio Gómez

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Lolo Soldevilla

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Benches and Figures
Ronnie Olabarrieta

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Zum Greifen nahe
Ursula Schregel

USD 4,200

Ondolindë I
Elodie Dollat

USD 3,000

The Mask
Annya Sand

USD 4,520

Jour d\'orage
Audrey Margeridon

USD 2,800

Ernesto Bertani

USD 40,000

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