• Sergio Barrios, el Hase, (1980 – present) born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela, moved to NY in 2008. El Hase is one of the pioneers of graffiti culture and urban art in Venezuela. In 1999, while studying Graphic Design he began diversifying his artistic talent away from works based on pure intuition towards more elaborate concepts in order to enrich the basic graffiti style to street art, expressionism, pop art and contemporary youth culture. In 2005 started participating in most renowned arts shows and galleries in Caracas and becomes an influencer in contemporary art in Venezuela. He has gained a big critical acclaim for his outstanding appropriation of the street as the principal element of inspiration. Most of his pieces refer Abstract – dark and humoristic vibe with Latin popular culture. The work recreates those ordinary people from the streets in constant struggle who seems to live in a real Horror movie show. Taking influence from the dirtier and rough techniques of latin popular imagery and merging it with the spirit and practices of graffiti art, Barrios has embraced an explosive, scratchy, scrawling form of figurative aesthetic using a variety of mediums from painting, drawing and installation to film, performance and music. El Hase has participated in solo and group Art shows in New York, LA, Miami, Paris, Barcelona, Caracas, Sao Paulo and Santiago.
  • Hot dog guy, punk musician, hand script letters of the bus route, a wild style graffiti, a movie poster, a “no parking” hand written sign, skateboarding culture, Santeria religious culture, boxing sport, violent gang movements, hip hop album cover art, cover of the news paper, tattoo decoration, pimped bus; are all examples of the expressions that Sergio Barrios appropriates from the streets and uses as inspiration for his artwork. Barrios mainly reveals Latin culture (Cultura popular) aspects from what he sees and lives on the streets combined with influences from New York city, which creates a particular cultural crossover between the two cultures. Sergio’s work has heavy content of violence, protest, claim, Do it your self (DIY), naïve creativity, religion, colorful pieces, criticism, disapproval, outrage, competition, fear, oppression, rebellion, amongst other as a symbol of freedom.
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    El Flaco

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