• I define my Art as CoLL’ArT. Such an artistic expression uses collage techniques from images, fragments of cut that are later assembled to create a sculpture in 2D or through a composition in a predetermined surface. The CoLL’ArT is a metaphor of life: essential, ephemeral, fragile, multi-faceted. I follow through a series of steps until I obtain a mysterious alchemy that pops out from images and creates a new one, sometimes close to a sculpture in 3D. For the past 20 years I have been doing film editing which is a rhythmic sequencing of moving images. My Art deals with the notions of time and space. I was inspired by several Artistic movements and Artists such as Hans Arp or Richard Mortensen. Constructivism, Surrealism, Op-Art, Narrative Figuration, Abstract Art and Art Brut fuel his creation. It is often the materials that guide the Artist: the choice of images to be used determines the resulting theme. I am particularly interested in the multi-faceted emotion caused by collages and the composition of my Artworks in which the abstract intertwines with figuration which is also assembled with Art Brut. To me, CoLL’ArT is as light as a feather and as permanent as amber, it is an image engraved in Chronos’ clothes. It enables a type of polysemy, combining abstraction and instantaneous narration.
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    Dubuffet\'s way

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    Thérèse et les Assyriens

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